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Syria, the SDF dismantle a large Isis cell in Abu Hamam

The SDF have dismantled a large ISIS cell in Abu Hamam. The Islamic State at Deir Ezzor loses 20 elements, specializing in attacks against local targets

The SDF dismantled a large ISIS cell at Deir Ezzor. Jazeera Storm carried out an operation at Abu Hamam, arresting 20 militants of the Islamic State and killing one. More than 600 Syrian fighters participated in the maneuvers, which surrounded the village and searched every single building inside. The Daesh group was responsible for numerous attacks in the area, including some that occurred during the month at the local market, which caused the death of seven children. Many weapons, explosives, radios and mobile phones were also found during the raids. Moreover, the jihadists had some cards with them, which confirm their belonging to the formation of terrorists, and some documents, considered of great interest by the Arab-Kurdish intelligence.

Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm continues the hunt for Daesh cells from Deir Ezzor to Hasakah, via Raqqa, along the Euphrates

The operation at Abu human is part of the ongoing offensive that the SDF have launched against Isis in the East of Syria. The goal is to neutralize the Islamic State cells that have been hidden among the population. The offensive started from Shaddadi, near Hasakah, and later moved to the border with the province of Deir Ezzor. In parallel, other Jazeera Storm units are operating along the Euphrates, conducting research in every town and village. From Baghuz to Raqqa. Arab-Kurdish forces are trying to stop the infiltration of jihadists from the West and stop the wave of attacks they have launched in the area with guerrilla methods. The only blitz of the IS militia, in fact, takes place at the Al-Omar fields. The rest of the quadrant, on the other hand, is targeted by bomb attacks and IEDs, of which civilians are often the main victims.

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