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Syria, the SDF capture the Islamic State logistician for Al-Hol

The SDF capture the Islamic State logistician for Al-Hol. The man was responsible for the weapons delivered to the pro-ISIS jihadists in the Hasaka camp, their escapes and transfers to safe places

The SDF have captured the Islamic State logistician in Al-Hol (Al Hawl, Hasaka) for the homonymous camp. The man was specialized in providing weapons to pro-ISIS cells to carry out targeted assassinations inside the prison, where thousands of IS jihadists and their families are detained, as well as in escaping the militiamen and transferring them to safe locations. The raid on the city was carried out by Kurdish special forces with the support of Inherent Resolve. In addition to the terrorist, a member of his cell was arrested and various technical equipment was found in the search of the building where the two men were located. It has been immediately sent to the specialists for their analysis. The operation will reduce the operational capacity of the Islamic State in the Syrian camp and in particular the possibility for jihadists to carry out assassinations inside the structure and to evade.

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