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Syria, the SDF capture the head of pro-ISIS recruiters in Raqqa

The SDF capture the chief pro-ISIS recruiters in Raqqa. The man also managed Islamic State intelligence in the area. Interesting documents found in his lair. they could lead to new anti-IS raids

The SDF arrested one of the Islamic State’s chief recruiters in Syria. The man, whose personal details were not disclosed, was found in Raqqa and captured during a raid by Kurdish forces in cooperation with Inherent Resolve. The terrorist also managed the intelligence of pro-ISIS jihadists in the Syrian quadrant. The operation creates significant damage to the group, which has recently begun to rear its head in the region with new waves of attacks, killings and the recruitment of fighters. Moreover, in the hideout of the IS commander, technical equipment and documents were also found, deemed of great interest by intelligence and sent to experts for their analysis. Therefore, it is not excluded that in the near future there will be new targeted raids against the formation, made possible by the information found in Raqqa.

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