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Syria, the SDF capture the head of ISIS finance in Deir Ezzor

The SDF captured Mohammed Ramadan, the head of ISIS finance in Deir Ezzor. The man ran the cash and finance to the Islamic State in the Syrian province

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have captured Mohammed Ramadan, the ISIS finance officer in the Syrian province. In recent hours the special forces (HAT) of Jazeera Storm carried out an operation against the Islamic State cells, arresting numerous militants and leaders of the group. Among these was also the commander. The man was responsible for cash management and funding to local groups. Both from within the Middle Eastern country and from the outside. Moreover, in the course of the blitz – in addition to various weapons and ammunition – money, mobile phones, laptops and documentation deemed to be extremely interesting by intelligence were also found. The objective of the raid was twofold: on the one hand to dismantle the Daesh cell and on the other to interrupt the chain of attacks that the jihadists have been carrying out for some months, especially against the population.

The new excellent arrest of Jazeera Storm further reduces the Daesh operational capacity in the area

Ramadan’s arrest adds to that of another Isis leader, announced recently by the SDF in Deir Ezzor: that of the Belgian terrorist Anwar Abdel Rahman Haddouchi, captured about 100 kilometers from the border with Iraq. The jihadist was responsible for the beheading of a hundred civilians in Raqqa, during the Islamic State rule. In addition, he had participated in the planning and preparation of the Daesh attacks in Paris (2015) and Brussels (2016). Thanks to this type of operation, Jazeera Storm and the International Coalition are drastically reducing the operational capacity of IS in Syria. Both tactically and logistically. The terrorists, in fact, to survive hidden in the villages of the province must rely on funds and external support. By striking these elements, they will remain isolated and increasingly weak. It will therefore also boost the possibility that they make mistakes, appearing on enemy radars, ready to hit them.

Photo Credits: Anwar News Agency

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