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Syria, the SDF capture the head of an Islamic State cell in Al-Hol


The SDF capture the head of an Islamic State cell in Al-Hol. The man led a network that dealt with the escape of ex-ISIS jihadists. The raid, carried out with Inherent Resolve, is only the latest in a series

New operation by the SDF and Inherent Resolve against the network of traffickers of the Islamic State, who are involved in evading the jihadists from the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. Kurdish special forces (HAT) carried out a targeted raid inside the facility, arresting the leader of the former ISIS militia. The man, in addition to weapons and ammunition, had with him some documents deemed of great interest by local intelligence, which immediately sent them to specialists for analysis. The operation is only the latest in a long series involving the camp starting in March of this year. The anti-IS offensive in Al-Hol began with a bio-enrollment initiative and saw periodic raids to capture the group’s cells. From those specialized in homicides to logisticians, up to the facilitators.

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