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Syria, the SDF capture over 30 Isis militiamen in a few hours at Deir Ezzor

The provisional assessment of an SDF operation in Deir Ezzor is over 30 Isis militiamen captured. Jazeera Storm is hunting down the Islamic State cells in Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiban

More than 30 Isis militiamen arrested by the SDF in Deir Ezzor in the last hours, as part of an ongoing operation between Busayrah, Shahil and Dhiba. Jazeera Storm had launched a series of maneuvers in the Syrian province to neutralize a large Islamic State cell, which had infiltrated the Euphrates area and used the Shaddadi Road to move. After the quadrant was surrounded, also thanks to the cooperation of the Global Coalition, the commandos of the Arab-Kurdish forces (HAT) began to search every single building in the three locations simultaneously. This, in order to avoid possible escapes or attempts to attack behind the shoulders. The anti-Daesh raids lasted about three hours. Once concluded, the SDF transferred the captured jihadists to a secret location and delivered the material found in the lairs to the intelligence. The operation then moved to other inhabited areas.

The Syrian army (SAA) strengthens the defenses west of the Euphrates from Abu Kamal to Mayadeen. Objective: to repulse the Daesh attacks, which in the last few days are multiplying

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) strengthens its positions in the southern area of ​​Deir Ezzor, along the Euphrates. In particular between Abu Kamal and Mayadeen. In fact, Isis has increased its attacks on soldiers, considered an obstacle to reach the east of the province. In recent days, the Islamic State militia in the Badia al-Sham desert have intensified raids, in order to open new routes to and beyond the river. This follows the fact that the SDF have discovered the main ones and are constantly patrolling them, hitting when they detect jihadist flows (as in the case of the ongoing operation). Consequently, Daesh is obliged to find alternative routes quickly, if it does not want to remain closed and lose the possibility of moving to Iraq.

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