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Syria, the SDF capture another Isis commander in Deir Ezzor

The SDF and Inherent Resolve capture another Isis commander in Deir Ezzor. As in these cases, no details of his identity or role were provided

The SDF in Deir Ezzor arrest another high-profile Isis leader. In the past few hours, the Arab-Kurdish forces carried out a raid together with Inherent Resolve in the Syrian province. The operation led to the capture of “a member of a sleeper cell” of the IS militiamen, according to the fighters’ official Twitter profile. No details were provided about the man or his role, as typically happens when an important member of the group is taken. This is because the information obtained from the interrogations and from the material seized during the maneuvers can lead to the discovery of other key figures. The confirmation also comes from the fact that to capture a single man there was the involvement of the local commandos and units of the Coalition.

The raid is part of the targeted maneuvers to neutralize the IS leadership. These are complementary to cell and logistic networks hunting

The capture of the Isis commander is part of a maxi targeted offensive that the SDF and Inherent Resolve have long ago launched in Eastern Syria, From Deir Ezzor to Raqqa, passing through Hasaka. This sees specialized assets engaged in the hunt for IS leaders across the quadrant. In fact, so far several medium and high-level ones have already been arrested. The activities are complementary to the maneuvers to neutralize the jihadist cells and to the raids to destroy their logistical and support networks. The goal is to inhibit the operational capacity and freedom of movement of terrorists. This is to reduce attacks, especially against the local population, and force the militiamen to come out to seek the resources necessary for survival.

Photo Credits: SDF

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