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Syria, the SDF capture an Isis militant internationally wanted

The SDF with the support of Inherent Resolve have captured an internationally wanted Isis militant in Deir Ezzor. The man, already a member of Al Qaeda, was arrested in a raid on the border with Iraq, as part of the “Deterrence of Terrorism” anti-Daesh operation

The SDF arrested eight ISIS militiamen on the Syrian-Iraq border, one of whom was an internationally wanted terrorist and former al Qaeda member. The raid is part of the “Deterrence of Terrorism” operation, which involves the Kurdish and Inherent Resolve forces between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor, in the Khabur River area. Objective: to eliminate the cells of the Islamic State and their logistic and support networks throughout the region. Not surprisingly, another 20 Daesh jihadists were captured in al-Hureiji, al-Suwar district, during a targeted raid. Those underway are the most important SDF maneuvers since the fall of Baghuz; more than six thousand local soldiers participate and since their inception, which took place less than a week ago, they have seen the capture of already 78 terrorists in the quadrant.

Is the SAA preparing for an invasion of land against the militias in Idlib? Numerous reinforcements arrived, including several tanks

Meanwhile, Damascus continues to bomb local militias between Idlib and Hama. In the past few hours, the Syrian army (SAA) has attacked Ziyara and Rweiha. In addition, the SAA has just received a large convoy of supplies and reinforcements, among which there are several tanks. It seems, but there is no official confirmation, that a major offensive on the ground to push the rebels towards the M4 is in preparation. This on the one hand would reduce their room for maneuver and on the other it would force Turkey to intervene with the TAF to maintain safety along the highway. Ankara, in fact, on this side still has several problems because of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Moscow has grown tired of waiting. Not surprisingly, he began to launch air raids on jihadist posts in the province independently.

A video on the “Deterrence of Terrorism” operation

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