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Syria, the SDF capture an important Isis leader in Deir Ezzor

Isis loses three jihadists in Deir Ezzor, arrested during an SDF-Inherent Resolve operation. One, Abu Jihad al-Ansari, was responsible for paying wages to IS jihadists

Isis loses three members, including a leader, in Deir Ezzor. It is the result of a targeted raid by SDF and Inherent Resolve in al-Sobha, near Jedid al-Akidat, which involved three homes. According to local sources, the captured commander is called Abu Jihad al-Ansari and was responsible for paying wages to local IS jihadists. He had been wanted for some time and was taken near the al-Iman mosque in the Syrian town, following a series of intelligence and information provided by the population. With his arrest, the former Daesh militiamen in the quadrant will have big problems especially on the financial side. Together with the three terrorists, in fact, numerous documents deemed important and some mobile phones were found, the contents of which are now being studied by analysts.

Meanwhile, clashes between the SAA and the rebels in Idlib intensify. The first try to break the defensive lines of the militiamen to get to Barah. The others keep the enemy at a distance

In the west, however, clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and local militiamen have intensified. In the last few hours there have been rocket and artillery attacks on both sides between Idlib and Aleppo. In particular, the areas involved are: Kafr Nubl, Jazarin and Jabal Al-Zawiya south of Saraqeb. The soldiers are trying to break through the rebel lines of defense to advance towards Barah. The latter, on the other hand, keep the enemy at a distance to avoid a land invasion of the quadrant. For Damascus, taking the city is essential. This is because the main roads that lead from the province to Aleppo and other areas of the country pass through it. Having control will allow greater and faster freedom of movement for the SAA, which is useful for penetrating deeper into the area.

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