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Syria, the SDF campaign against Daesh at Deir Ezzor starts again

The SDF campaign against the Islamic State starts again in Syria at Deir Ezzor. Isis blocked at Hajin and Dashisha, on the border with Iraq

The SDF campaign in Syria has started again against the Daesh in the province of Deir Ezzor. This was confirmed by the spokesman of the Inherent Resolve operation. The Kurdish led fighters are operating on 3 fronts: in the north and east to secure the areas from Isis militias. In the south to take land, along the eastern bank of the Euphrates. To the point that they are locking the Islamic State in two specific places. At Hajin, in the north of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) and at Dashisha, close to the border with Iraq. The US-led Coalition provided them with close air support (CAS) and targeted bombing on the quadrant in order to weaken the jihadists’ defenses. Moreover, they are training the Raqqa Internal Security Forces (RISF) and the SDF against improvised explosive devices (IED). Till now approximately 250 Syrians have been prepared and the training is continuing. This is necessary to enable the population to return safely home.

The Kurdish led forces are seeking revenge for Afrin. The only alternative for Daesh at the moment is to escape to the west of the Euphrates

The resumption of the SDF actions against Daesh at Deir Ezzor was foretold. This because after the battle against the Turkish forces at Afrin, the Syrian fighters went back to their area. And they did this with a strong desire of revenge, which turned into a new effort to defeat the Islamic State as rapidly as possible. Instead, what is not clear is what name will be given to the new maneuvers. Some people believe that these will continue to be called Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera), as they are only their continuation, after being frozen to contrast Olive Branch. Others, instead, think that it is a new operation, which is taking over from where the previous one ended. However, what is true is that the pressure on Isis in the quadrant will reach the highest levels again. And the only safety valve for jihadists, at present, is to escape to the west of the Euphrates.

The post on Twitter by Colonel Ryan Dillon, OIR spokesman, on the Deir Ezzor operations


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