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Syria, the SDF behead the Islamic State leadership in Al-Hol

The SDF behead the Islamic State leadership in Al-Hol. Six IS commanders arrested, each of whom led a fundamental branch to dictate the law and sow terror in the Hasaka camp

The SDF’s work to clear the Al-Hol camp from the presence of Islamic State jihadists continues. In addition to the bio-enrollment operations, the Kurdish forces have also added targeted raids in the sections of the structure that host the displaced. Those where local militiamen, foreign fighters and their families are detained, on the other hand, remain sealed, as they are widely controlled. The latest operation resulted in the capture of six IS leaders, each of whom had different positions. Abu Akrem and Hashem Shalal led a cell operating both inside the camp and in the Syrian province. Abu Mohamed and Eqil Resmi Husain were in charge of religious affairs. Finally, Resul Sami and his brother Salam ran the Usama cell, which specializes in homicides at the Hasaka facility. Their arrest deals a severe blow to the chain of command, as well as to the terrorist propaganda and recruitment network.

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