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Syria, the SDF attack Isis in Abu Hassan and advance on all fronts

The SDF at Deir Ezzor continue to advance against Isis. Jazeera Storm presses the Islamic State in Abu Hassan, Susah and Sha’fah. Meanwhile, a raid from the International Coalition kills a senior leader Daesh

The SDF continue to advance against Isis to Deir Ezzor, despite the controversy triggered by US President Donald Trump’s surprise decision to demobilize US troops in Syria. The Operation Round Up forces (Jazeera Storm), after taking Hajin and Qalah, went up inside Abu Hassan, reaching the railway bridge on the main road of the city. Furthermore, they continue to press the Islamic State to Abu Khatir (Al Bukhater), Susah and Sha’fah. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues raids on Daesh posts across all the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). In one of these, Sinan al-Dulaimi (aka Abu Hajar al-Anbari), one of the greatest leaders of the jihadists, lost his life. The man was eliminated in the Al-Aley area in Susah with a targeted strike. The commander is just the latest in a long list of IS leaders killed or captured recently during the maneuvers.

After the US Defense Secretary, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, also leaves the special envoy Brett McGurk. Fortunately, military disengagement will be slow. This is confirmed by the progress of the maneuvers against IS

Meanwhile, after US Defense Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis, the special envoy for the International anti-Isis Coalition Brett McGurk has also resigned. This because he disagree with Trump’s decision to leave the Middle Eastern country now. It is not known who will go in his place. The “Warrior Monk”, on the other hand, will be replaced by Deputy Patrick Shanahan. Good news, finally, on military disengagement. This will be gradual. “Slow and coordinated”, as the American president announced on Twitter, explaining that he had a “long and productive” telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Focus: the Islamic State, the mutual involvement in Syria and bilateral exchanges. The confirmation comes from the ground. In fact, Jazeera Storm continues to proceed at full speed in Deir Ezzor against Daesh. With all the military assets, local and international. Sign that disengagement will not happen as quickly as it is feared.

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