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Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor foil an Isis maxi bomb attack

The SDF at Deir Ezzor foil an Isis maxi bomb attack. Jazeera Storm intercepts and defuses a tank truck with over 500 kilos of C-4. The vehicle was supposed to explode between Shanan and Abu Hamam, as revenge for hunting Daesh cells

The SDFs in Deir Ezzor have foiled an Isis maxi bomb attack, intercepting a tank truck loaded with explosives on the outskirts of Hajin. According to what Jazeera Storm said the truck belonged to the Islamic State militia and contained about 21 gallons of C-4. Each of these weighed about 25 kilos. Overall, therefore there were over 500 kilos of high potential explosive material, five times more destructive than TNT. The cargo was destined for a spectacular attack that the Daesh jihadists had to launch against the Arab-Kurd forces or a symbolic target between Shanan and Abu Hamam. However, it is not clear which was the exact target. Of course there is that the action was considered the revenge of the terrorists for the IS cell hunting campaigns that the fighters are carrying out throughout the East of Syria.

The Arab-Kurdish forces know that the war against Daesh is not over and that it is necessary to work so that the group does not reorganize. Enlistments increase in the academies in eastern Syria. In the last few months more than a thousand SDF fighters have graduated

Meanwhile, the SDF continue to train new recruits in the various academies scattered in eastern Syria. These will have to reinforce the ranks of the Arab-Kurdish forces both in the fight against ISIS and in protecting the territory against possible Turkish or Damascus invasions. In recent months, over a thousand fighters have completed training and have reached various units. The major cities in the three provinces (Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Hasaka) have their own fighting force, which guarantees local security. Especially against the incursions of Islamic State militants in the surrounding villages or their terrorist attacks. The common thought, in fact, is that Daesh was defeated but is not dead. Consequently, it is necessary to work so that the group cannot be re-organized, increasing the threat level.

Photo Credits: SDF

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