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Syria, the SDF arrest the head of the most dangerous ISIS group in Shaddadi

The SDF in Marqadah arrested the head of the most dangerous ISIS group in Shaddadi. His name is Khalil Hama Hamadah, he is a former Iraqi Army member and has links with the leaders of the Islamic State in Hasaka

The SDF have gripped Isis in the East of Syria, arresting a high commander in Marqadah. His name is Khalil Hama Hamadah and he led the most dangerous Islamic State cell in Shaddadi, responsible for numerous attacks in the area. Both against Jazeera Storm and the population. The man was a former member of the Iraqi army, an explosives expert and had close ties to Hasaka’s Daesh leadership. His capture drastically reduces the IS operational capacity to carry out attacks throughout the province. Furthermore, thanks to the information found in its possession, the Arab-Kurd forces can rebuild the terrorist chain of command and hunt down fugitive jihadists. It seems, in fact, that the militia commander had with him several documents, considered of primary interest by the local intelligence.

A new blitz of Jazeera Storm is in sight in Raqqa. It is probably the continuation of what led to the capture of the Daesh murder cell, which also operated in Tabqa

Meanwhile, a new SDF operation in Raqqa is expected to flush out an ISIS cell. From the last hours an intense aerial activity is taking place around and on the city. A sign that Jazeera Storm and international allies are preparing to carry out a blitz against elements of the Islamic State. This is probably the continuation of the arrests carried out in recent days. The Arab-Kurd forces, in fact, had captured a group of six Daesh militiamen, responsible for most of the targeted murders between Tabqa and Raqqa. The jihadists had then confessed their crimes, also explaining their modus operandi: from how they procured weapons and explosives up to the choice of targets. As a result, they may have provided the names of any accomplices or facilitators, operating in the same area.

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