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Syria, the SDF arrest facilitator who brought the Al-Hol Isis fugitives to Iraq

The SDF arrested a facilitator in Dashisha, who was transporting the Isis militiamen who fled Al-Hol camp to Iraq. His capture, which took place in Dashisha, causes strong repercussions on the traffic of militants of the Islamic State between the two countries

The SDF deal another blow to Isis on the logistics side in eastern Syria. The Kurdish forces, together with Inherent Resolve, have captured a man who was in charge of exfiltrating the jihadists of the Islamic State, who fled from Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. The facility now houses around 73,000 Daesh members and their families. The jihadist was arrested in Dashisha and was called Shawaysh al-Airash, aka Shawaysh Sattam Saud al-Airash al-Thabti al-Shammari. He was part of a large network that transported the fugitives to Iraq. His capture causes strong repercussions on the traffic of IS fighters between the two countries, as al-Airash was one of the key elements. Furthermore, he is aware of a lot of valuable information, which could make the difference in operations to stop what remains of the “Caliphate” in the nation.

Daesh tries to react by increasing attacks with IEDs. Objectives: to “disturb” the enemy, show the population that the jihadists are not finished and take time. The strategy follows that of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), from which IS was born

Isis is trying to react to the SDF and International Coalition offensive in East Syria by increasing the bomb attacks. The last took place in Raqqa and targeted Kurdish bases. In all cases, however, the Islamic State employs Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Whether they are hidden on the sides of the roads or inside vehicles. This is a very clear signal that Daesh is in crisis and is short of resources. As a result, it cannot afford to sacrifice jihadists, whose presence is no longer necessary, in attacks. The goal is to “disturb” the enemy, scare the population (showing that the militants are not yet finished) and take time to regroup. The new strategy follows that used by al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), a terrorist group from which IS was born. Moreover, this element suggests that there are still some Iraqi veterans among the surviving and active commanders.

Photo Credits: SDF

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