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Syria, the SDF are preparing new maxi-operation against Isis in Busayrah

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are preparing a new maxi-operation against isis in Busayrah. Jazeera Storm’s goal is to dismantle a large Islamic State cell, perhaps even with prominent figures

New SDF operation against Isis in Busayrah. The troops of Jazeera Storm have again surrounded the city in Deir Ezzor and are preparing to carry out a mass blitz. According to local sources, Syrian fighters are looking for a large Islamic State cell, which would have hidden inside. Among the militia, however, there could also be high-level Daesh figures, given the large deployment of military personnel. At the moment, however, there is no confirmation either about who the wanted are or when the maneuvers will begin. Of course, there are reinforcements in the area. Only a few days ago there had been a similar offensive to the south: at Abu Naytl. Here about a thousand elements of the SDF cleared the inhabited center from the presence of IS jihadists, who had infiltrated.

Daesh continues its vengeances against the Arab-Kurdish forces and the population, but only along the Euphrates. This means that the vigilance of the SDF works

Meanwhile, the ISIS militiamen continue to carry out their campaign of revenge against the SDF and the civilian population. Two members of Jazeera Storm in the Raqqa area were killed last week. In Deir Ezzor, however, there were various attacks with cars or motorcycles filled with explosives. The areas involved are all along the Euphrates, a sign that the vigilance of the Arab-Kurdish forces works and the Daesh jihadists are unable to leave the river to hit deeper into the “enemy” territory. IS, however, continues the blitz against the army of Damascus (SAA) in the quadrant. The objective of the fundamentalists is to remove the soldiers from key points, necessary to create new routes to the East of Syria, after the SDF have dismantled the existing ones.

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