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Syria, the SDF are hunting for a maxi Islamic State cell in the East

The SDF are hunting for a maxi Islamic State cell in the East. Operations underway in Hasaka and other provinces after the capture of an IS emir. Objective: to stop the terrorists’ attempts to raise their heads

The SDF in Eastern Syria are on the hunt for a maxi Islamic State cell. In recent days, the Arab-Kurdish forces have captured an IS “emir” in Hasaka. The information provided by his interrogations and the seized equipment subsequently made it possible to arrest five other terrorists, including some Iraqis, in the same area in al-Shaddadi. The maneuvers, however, are still in progress. A sign that the operation is wider than expected and that there are further targets to be found, even in other provinces. In all likelihood, the goal is to neutralize some groups of militiamen who are trying to raise their heads in the region, through waves of attacks on the population and the fighters. Most of these, however, are at a “distance” from IED, as the fundamentalists would not resist a direct confrontation, especially if prolonged.

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