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Syria, the SDF and Damascus closer thanks to Russia

After eight months the traffic of civilian convoys on the M4 between Ain Issa and Tal Amar resumes, thanks to the mediation of Russia with the SDF, Damascus and Turkey

The SDF and Damascus are approaching thanks to an agreement brokered by Russia. A convoy of civilian vehicles, for the first time in eight months, was able to travel the M4 between Ain Issa and Tal Amar, north of Raqqa, in Syrian Kurdistan. This is a very important step, which will allow the region to revive trade also with neighboring Iraq. The area is manned by pro-Turkey militias, but Moscow has caused Ankara to reopen the highway to civilian vehicles as a new step after the truce signed with the Bashar Assad regime. For safety, however, the Federation has sent reinforcements in the quadrant. It is feared, in fact, that some jihadist groups will try to exploit the event to carry out attacks and fuel tensions again.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army resumes attacking pro-Ankara militias south of Idlib. They try to use the population and demonstrations to drive out the SAA and weaken HTS

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) has resumed attacking militias south of Idlib after the end of Ramadan. In the past few hours, the SAA has hit several rebel posts in Qaqfin, Al-Haluba and Al Bara, also killing a military commander of the National Liberation Front (NFL). Following this, several hundred inhabitants demonstrated in the province, asking Turkey to expel the Assad military from their territory, especially in the south. However, these are activities organized by pro-Ankara jihadists. The attempt is twofold: on one hand to try to ease the pressure of Damascus in the area and on the other to weaken Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), who has now become a leader across the quadrant. Especially after the various PsyOps operations conducted recently, the last of which saw the HTS commander participate in a TV program for Eid Al Fitr with the children of the martyrs in the province.

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