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Syria, the SDF against Isis pass from a war posture to counter-terrorism

Mission of the US special deputy envoy of the anti-Isis Coalition, William Roebuck, in Syria. The focus is the SDF shifts from military operations to counter-terrorism against Islamic State. Tyhey will also work to restore essential services for the population

The SDF at Deir Ezzor move from a posture of war to one of counter-terrorism towards Isis. Confirmation came from the mission in Syria of the US special deputy envoy of the anti-Daesh coalition, William Roebuck, who met with senior Kurdish officials in Ain Issa to discuss the strategic transition. The goal is to help Jazeera Storm and the “Syrian Democratic Council on security – Roebuck explained to the press, according to Rudaw -. In particular when they move from one focus on military operations to another linked to the counter-terrorism against the Islamic State “. US and Coalition “want to strengthen relations with the SDF and the Autonomous Administration (AA) – he added -. We had a very good talk about the importance of restoring essential services for the population and strengthening security ”.

Some arrests in Anbar confirm that the Daesh militiamen are destroy crops in Iraq and Deir Ezzor. They ask the local population for taxes so as not to burn down agricultural fields

In confirmation of Roebuck’s words, the SDF at Deir Ezzor have recently increased their vigilance against ISIS infiltration in the Syrian province. Both along the Shaddadi Road that runs along the Euphrates (in particular to Qouriya and Busayrah) and towards the border with Iraq. Furthermore, actions have been taken to combat the fires of agricultural fields. It is now certain that it is the work of the Islamic State. There are two reasons for this: revenge on the local population and opportunities. The confirmation comes from the arrest by ISF of two Daesh jihadists in Anbar. They charged the local population a fee, otherwise threatening to burn the crops. The phenomenon, which recently broke out, has not only caused damage. But also the death of several people. As a result, Jazeera Storm and the ISF have launched targeted initiatives to stop it.

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