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Syria, the SDF advance against Isis in Deir Ezzor. After Hajin they point to Qalah

The SDF, after having driven Isis from Hajin, now aim at Qalah. There are intense fighting between Jazeera Storm and the Islamic State in the area

The SDF continue to advance against Isis at Deir Ezzor along the Euphrates. The Operation Round Up troops (Jazeera Storm), after kicking the Islamic State from Hajin and relegating the militiamen to a small portion to the south, took part of Qalah and are attacking Abu al-Khatir (Al Bukhater). In addition, they press Daesh in the Susah area and in Harse, north of Baghuz. The jihadists continue to respond with self-bombs (SBVIED), snipers and raids, but fail to contain the offensive of the Syrian fighters. Moreover, mass escapes are also multiplying in the ranks of IS, which try to move west of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV), in the direction of the Badia desert. Here, in fact, there is a large group of fundamentalists since some time. The Syrian army (SAA) had recently announced the start of an operation to neutralize it, but so far nothing has moved.

Meanwhile, the SDF start the clean-up of Hajin has from the last Daesh remnants. From the bombs to the tunnels, passing through the jihadistes hidden among the inhabitants

Meanwhile, the most complex job for the SDF began in Hajin: the clean-up of the area from the last Isis remnants. The Arab-Kurdish forces have a double task: on the one hand to eliminate the mines and the improvised devices (IED), disseminated by the Islamic State to slow down the offensive of the Syrian fighters. On the other, discover and close the dense network of tunnels under the city. This is used by the Daesh jihadists to hide weapons and ammunition, move around avoiding enemy attacks, and to perform surprise raids against Jazeera Storm. It will still be a long task, as it seems that it’s huge. At the same time, the SDF began to hunt the IS jihadists, hidden among the local population to escape capture. The goal of all these actions is to avoid possible attempts at surprise counter-attacks by fundamentalists.

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