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Syria, the SAA surprisingly intensifies the bombings on Idlib and Hama

The Syrian army (SAA) unexpectedly intensifies the bombings on Idlib and Hama. This is a further element in support of the thesis that Russia and Damascus are preparing a maxi offensive against the pro-Turkish militias

The Syrian army (SAA) has suddenly intensified the bombing campaign on pro-Turkey militias in Idlib and Hama. In the first province, soldiers attacked with artillery posts and targets linked to local groups in Zawiya and in the Ghab Plain. In the second, Mansoura, Tel Wasit and Ziyarah were targeted. Moreover, the new offensive at a distance began immediately after a patrol that the Ankara armed forces (TAF) had carried out on the M4. The convoy had departed from Tarnabeh and arrived at Jisr Al-Shughour. The unusual increase in SAA bombings and the geographical expansion of the targets are a further element supporting the thesis that Damascus and Russia are preparing a maxi offensive in the region. Not surprisingly, after the unexpected arrival in Syria of four other Federation Su-35s, the local government also sent new reinforcements in terms of men and helicopters to the area.

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