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Syria, the SAA recruits civilians in Deir Ezzor against Isis

The Syrian Army (SAA) launches a civilian recruitment campaign west of Deir Ezzor, which in several cases has turned into conscription. Objective: to counter the IS attacks in the Badia desert

The Syrian army (SAA) has started a massive recruitment campaign west of Deir Ezzor and it seems that in some cases it has also activated conscriptions with arrest of the draft dodgers. Objective: to have more troops to counter the growing and uninterrupted attacks of the Isis jihadists against the SAA and the allied militias in the Badia al-Sham desert. The campaign will last three months and will see the new recruits being sent, after a period of training, to the various units stationed between the province, the south of Raqqa and the east of Hama. In this way, Damascus plans to strengthen local contingents, without having to divert precious resources from other areas of the Middle Eastern country and in particular from Idlib, where the offensive to conquer Barah is underway.

IS, in fact, continues to ambush the SAA and the allied militias, despite all the operations in Damascus and the Russian air raids

Confirming the fears of Damascus, a few hours ago there was a new Isis attack against the SAA east of Hama, in the Badia desert. The action took place on the Raqqa-Salamiyah highway and saw a military convoy hit by a bomb explosion. The toll is about ten Syrian soldiers killed and numerous wounded. Moreover, all this took place only a few days after a maxi air campaign by Russia against the IS positions in the quadrant. A sign that the jihadists’ pocket of resistance has not been scratched despite the numerous raids. The ambushes and attacks, in fact, continue at a rapid pace and are extending both towards Raqqa and towards Hama.

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