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Syria, the SAA prepares maxi-operation in Idlib: focus on mountains and Jisr al-Shghur

The Syrian Army (SAA) is preparing with Russian support for a maxi-operation in Idlib: focus on the mountains and Jisr al-Shghur

The Syrian army (SAA) together with Russian partners are preparing a maxi operation against militias in the mountainous area of ​​Idlib and in Jisr al-Shghur. Objective: to get to the M4 quickly, while the enemy is busy countering the offensive on Barah. Moscow has given its permission and support, as the maneuvers would help hard hit Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the Sham Legion and other allied groups. This, furthermore, does not violate the agreement between Damascus and Ankara. The soldiers, in fact, would stop before the six kilometer security corridor around the highway. Moreover, the SAA is also receiving external reinforcements. Numerous PMU militiamen appear to be arriving from Iraq to provide aid. These, according to local sources, are sent to various units stationed within a radius of about 80 kilometers.

Turkey, despite the guarantees that the SAA will not violate the agreements by surpassing the M4, is preparing in case of surprises. Damascus, on the other hand, seeks to exploit the standstill in Barah to keep HTS and allied militias away and busy

Turkey, although not officially involved in the SAA operation in Idlib, has taken its countermeasures. Ankara has strengthened its military presence in the north and along the M4 in the Syrian province, sending men and vehicles to the various positions of the TAF. The main objective is to avoid possible surprises, even if Russia has guaranteed that the Syrian army will not violate the truce agreements. The secondary one, however, is to repel any attacks by HTS and allies that, pressed by the enemy, could try to retreat north of the highway. On the timing of the start of the maneuvers, however, there is still no certain date. At first Damascus was waiting to take Barah before letting them leave. Then, however, thanks to the stall, the plans changed. Rather. An attempt was made to exploit precisely that to distract local jihadists and keep them busy away, knowing that if they moved quickly they would expose themselves to Russian fighter air raids.


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