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Syria, the SAA offensive on Barah begins with artillery and fighters

The SAA offensive begins in Barah with artillery and fighters. Russia supports the operation south of Idlib, preventing local militiamen from receiving reinforcements and weakening their defenses

The Syrian army (SAA) attack on the militias in Barah, south of Idlib, has begun. In the past few hours, Damascus artillery has repeatedly targeted some jihadist positions on the outskirts of the city. Meanwhile, Russian fighters continue to bomb the quadrant to facilitate the SAA offensive by weakening the enemy defenses. The aim is also to prevent the arrival of reinforcements to the rebels from the north and west. There is no official confirmation, but it seems that a land invasion is imminent. In fact, numerous military assets are converging in the area. In addition, drone flyovers over the city have increased. Taking it is strategic, as the roads that lead from the province to Aleppo and the rest of the Middle Eastern country pass through it. Not to mention that it is not far from the M4 motorway.

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