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Syria, the SAA offensive against militias in Idlib intensifies

The offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) against the militias in Idlib intensifies. A new front opens: that of Ruwayhah. The defenses of the rebels are holding up for now, but it won’t be long

The Syrian army (SAA) offensive against militias south of Idlib intensifies. The SAA, after attacking on Al Fateira, carried out several raids on Ruwayhah. The goal is to conquer Barah, a strategic city because the main roads leading to Aleppo and Hama pass through it. At the moment the defenses of the rebels hold, but it is not known yet for how long. The pressing of the soldiers of Damascus, in fact, is growing and on several axes. This is also thanks to the air coverage provided by Russia and the bulldozers that clear the minefields. It is no coincidence that regular troops began to advance, albeit slowly, forcing local groups to fall back. These, however, are closed between two fires, as in the north there is the M4 manned by a large number of Turkish troops, which continue to receive reinforcements.

There is great anticipation for the summit of Russia, Turkey and Iran. Meanwhile, Israel warns Tehran and Damascus

Meanwhile, there is great anticipation for the tripartite meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran on Syria. Presidents Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani will discuss developments of the Astana process on March 5. In addition, the Idlib, Deir Ezzor dossier and possible scenarios will be dealt with in depth. By the way, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a clear warning in both Damascus and Tehran: We will never allow Iran to create a new military front in Syria against Israel. Furthermore, Bashar Assad was warned: “You risk the future of your country and the regime.” There have also been signs of this in recent times with raids of “anonymous” drones against military posts and militiamen in various areas of the country which are likely to continue.

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