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Syria, the SAA launches a surprise offensive south of Idlib

The Syrian army (SAA) launched a surprise offensive against militias south of Idlib. Objective: to push them towards the M4 to force Turkey to intervene

The Syrian army (SAA) launched a surprise offensive against pro-Turkey militias south of Idlib. In the past few hours there have been several bombings on the axes of Benin and Al Ziyarah. Subsequently, the soldiers attacked in the first area and in Ruwayha, trying to advance inland. Violent clashes are currently underway between the SAA and the rebels, whose defenses seem to hold. The goal of Damascus is to push the jihadists towards the M4 so that Ankara, despite supporting these groups, is obliged to intervene to avoid accidents and maintain security. This is especially true now, after the TAF took control of Ariha and joint patrols with Russian soldiers began to go deeper on the highway within the province. The last one, in fact, saw the convoy arrive between Al-Tarnaba and Orum Al-Joz.

Meanwhile, Ankara, after taking control of Ariha, is sending Atilgan anti-aircraft defense systems to the Syrian province

Meanwhile, Turkey is sending armored assets and anti-aircraft defense systems to Idlib. In the last few days, at least a couple of convoys have entered the Syrian province, passing through the Kafr Loosin pass, one of which was carrying an Atilgan. The news was confirmed by several images, circulated on social networks. There are no confirmations, but in all likelihood the set-ups will be deployed along M4, perhaps just in Ariha. The goal is to defend against attacks by an external actor, the SAA or hostile militias such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The short range system, in fact, is able to hit not only cruise missiles and fixed and rotating wing aircraft; but also drones. So far the former al-Nusra Front does not appear to have used them, but Ankara intelligence believes it may have them.

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