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Syria, the SAA launches a maxi offensive against the militias in Idlib

The Syrian army (SAA) launched the maxi offensive against militias in Idlib. Objective: to conquer Barah. Violent clashes are currently underway in Al-Fateira

The maxi offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) has begun in the south of Idlib. Damascus soldiers, who are aiming to take Barah, have infiltrated the Al-Fateira area and waged a violent battle against local militias. The maneuvers were preceded by an intense air campaign – also supported by Russia – and by artillery attacks, aimed at weakening the defenses of the rebels. Taking the city is strategic, as the main roads leading to Aleppo and Hama pass through it. Having control of it, therefore, will significantly reduce the jihadists’ room for maneuver on both directions. The only way out for the latter will be to the north towards the M4. Here, however, Turkey has deployed a large TAF garrison. Especially after a Federation vehicle was hit by an IED while in a joint patrol on the highway between Al-Tranbe and al-Kfeir near Jisr al-Shoghur.

Meanwhile, someone is eliminating the leadership of Horas al-Din (the Guardians of Religion). The list of group commanders, killed by unknown drones in the province, is getting longer

Meanwhile, someone in Idlib is eliminating the leaders of the Guardians of Religion (Horas al-Din). Three members of the jihadist militia have been killed in the past few hours following drone attacks in the Syrian province. It is not clear, however, to whom the aircraft belonged. In one strike, the high administrative officer, Muhammad Abu Adnan al-Homsi, and another person (probably his bodyguard) were killed while on board a moving vehicle on the road between Binnish and Idlib. A third element has been eliminated in the same way, but in a different area. Just a few days ago, two Horas al-Din leaders were killed with drones: Qassam al-Urduni (aka Qassam the Jordanian) and Bilal al-Sanaani. The first was the military general commander of the jihadists, while the second was the “desert army”.

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