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Syria, the SAA is preparing for a land invasion south of Idlib

The Syrian army (SAA) prepares for an offensive against rebels south of Idlib. Objective: to take Barah. First there was a massive raid campaign, then tanks and infantry movements. Anadolu: Egypt has sent 150 soldiers to support Damascus, but the news is not confirmed

The Syrian army (SAA) prepares to invade the south of Idlib. Objective: to conquer Barah. First there was an intense campaign of air raids and artillery bombings on Kafr Awayd, Sfouhn and Al-Fateera, which lasted several days. Then, movements of armored vehicles and mechanized infantry began towards the front line. Analysts believe that a Damascus offensive against rebels in the area, whose defenses have been heavily weakened in recent times, is imminent. Taking the quadrant is strategic, as it is the crossroads of the roads leading from the east of the province to Aleppo and Hama. By the way there is also an indiscretion, launched by Anadolu: Egypt would have sent nearly 150 soldiers to fight with the SAA in Idlib, in coordination with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The troops would arrive at the Hama military airport and then move to the Khan al-Asal area (west of Aleppo). The news, however, has not been officially confirmed.

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