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Syria, the SAA continues to suffer pressure by the Islamic State in Badia

The Syrian army (SAA) continues to suffer pressure by the Islamic State in Badia. The jihadists, despite the Russian raids, are increasing attacks on enemies

Despite the aid received from allied militias and Russia, the Syrian army (SAA) continues to suffer pressure by the Islamic State in the Badia desert. The jihadists, in fact, have not decreased the attacks on the patrols and convoys west of Mayadeen. Rather. There seems to have been an escalation of hit and run raids recently. This even though in recent days there has been a new wave of over 60 strikes by Moscow fighters in the quadrant. As was to be expected, in fact, the IS terrorists have learned to evade them. They hide during the enemy offensive and then, as soon as it is over, they leave for the attack. Moreover, striking in multiple locations simultaneously, thanks to mobile command centers, mounted on trucks, such as those discovered by the SAA a few months ago.

The methods of the kidnappings to raise cash confirm that IS is still a network

The Islamic State, despite the Damascus offensive, has also increased kidnappings in eastern Syria to recover resources. The latest case, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), is that of three brothers taken by jihadists on the road between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor. The young people were then released after the payment of a ransom, which took place in Idlib. Moreover, similar episodes occurred last month in similar ways. This confirms that IS in the Middle Eastern country hass still an extensive network with the various groups operating in the different provinces connected to each other and not isolated and independent, as had been believed for some time.

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