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Syria, the SAA continues to be ambushed by Isis in the Badia desert

The Syrian army (SAA) continues to be ambushed by Isis in the Badia desert. The latest attack just took place east of Mayadeen and saw 11 soldiers killed, including General Bashir Ismail. The SAA between Homs and Deir Ezzor has been under attack by jihadists since March 2019

The Syrian army (SAA) continues to be ambushed by Isis in the badia al-Sham desert in Deir Ezzor. The latest, which took place near Faydat Ibn Muwayne ’east of Mayadeen, claimed the lives of eleven soldiers, including General Bashir Ismail. According to local sources, an SAA convoy was carrying out a patrol of the quadrant when it was suddenly attacked by IS jihadists, who also injured 17 soldiers. The regular forces reacted, starting to bomb the militiamen with artillery, but they had already fled. The episode is only the latest in a long series, which began in March 2019 and which saw the troops of Damascus continue to be hit raids, failing to eliminate the threat and suffering heavy losses. So far, at least 986 members of the SAA or allied militias have been killed in the Syrian province and in neighboring Homs.

Meanwhile, to the west of the Euphrates, the SDF capture an IS cell in the area of ​​Tal Tamis (Qamishli). The participation of Inherent Resolve in the maneuvers and the lack of information on the arrested terrorists suggest that they are high-level figures

Meanwhile, the SDF west of the Euphrates have captured a cell of two ISIS jihadists in the area of ​​Tal Tamis (Qamishli) in an operation in cooperation with Inherent Resolve. No details have been provided on their identity or role, a sign that they are probably important figures within IS. The raid is part of the targeted maneuvers by Kurdish forces and the Coalition to neutralize the leadership of the terrorists in eastern Syria. These are one of the three pillars on which the strategy against the group is based. The other two are targeting the logistics and support networks for fundamentalists, as well as reducing their operational capacity by destroying the cells responsible for the attacks. The three activities continue in parallel, but are complementary to each other.

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