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Syria, the Russia-Turkey joint patrols on the M4 begin “blunt”

Joint patrols between Russia and Turkey begin in the buffer zone in Syria. The convoys, however, travel only a small section of the M4. They fear civilian reactions and attacks by the FSA and HTS

The joint Russia-Turkey patrol in Syria in the buffer zone along the M4 highway has started, but “blunt”. According to the agreement between Moscow and Ankara, the vehicles of the two countries should have controlled the area from Trumba to Ain al-Havr. Instead, for security reasons, the activities stopped in Saraqeb. This was because there were risks of provocations. The local population, in fact, has not accepted the foreign “invasion” and has already given signals that intend to hinder its operations. Not surprisingly, in the past few hours there have been demonstrations and blocks with tires set on fire at the inhabited centers located on the patrol route. Furthermore, there is a real danger of being attacked by rebel militias, from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), as soon as the convoys penetrate inside Idlib.

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus infection spreads in Syria despite the denials of Damascus. The pandemic began in Deir Ezzor, thanks to pro-Iranian militias and Isis

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus crisis is expanding in Syria, despite Damascus continuing to deny its presence. The most affected area seems to be Deir Ezzor and the vectors of the pandemic have been the pro-Iran militias and the Isis jihadists. Not caring and circulating freely in the province, these have spread a contagion that can hardly be controlled. This is because the local population often does not have the “culture” of going to the doctor. In addition, local hospitals lack the skills and technology to block COVID-19. As a result, the pandemic will continue to spread across the country, also reaching Damascus and the north. In Idlib, however, they begin to react by closing the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey to human passage and schools for two weeks. The problem, however, is that the virus will not come from the outside, but from the inside.

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