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Syria, the relocation of the Isis foreign fighters is increasingly imperative

It is increasingly imperative to find quickly a relocation for Isis foreign fighters, prisoners of the SDF in Syria. The situation in the camps between Hasakah and Deir Ezzor is becoming explosive

Finding a relocation quickly for foreign fighters Isis, held in SDF prisons in Syria, becomes more urgent every day. This is confirmed by the fact that in recent hours a woman of the Islamic State stabbed a member of Jazeera Storm in the Hol camp. The man was accompanying her to do the shopping at the market. Following this, the Arab-Kurdish forces had to seal the structure, evacuating NGO personnel for security reasons, until the culprit was found. This is a sign that the situation of the camps between Hasakah and Deir Ezzor is explosive. In all, around six thousand militiamen are still detained, including five thousand Syrians and Iraqis and the remainder from 54 countries around the world. But if the neighboring country periodically accepts several (so far there are over 500 those transferred altogether), many others refuse or take time with various excuses.

The SDF, even if they are growing, will not be able to manage such a large number of Daesh foreign fighters for a long time yet

The SDF are not able to manage such a large number of Isis foreign fighters for a long time. Even if the Arab-Kurdish forces are increasing their ranks and professionalism, they still have to perform many other tasks. First of all, to hunt down the cells of the Islamic State, which infiltrate Raqqa and Deir Ezzor via the Euphrates, and guarantee security in the north east and east of Syria. Moreover, such high concentrations of Daesh militia expose troops and camps to the risk of jihadist attacks, in order to free their comrades. Not to mention that they could burst inside them. Moreover, if one of these eventualities happened successfully, there is a real possibility of a return to war in the area. This, after peace was reached at the cost of great sacrifices, especially in terms of human lives.

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