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Syria, the possible Turkey’s offensive brings Damascus and Kurdistan closer

The possible Turkey’s offensive in Syria brings Damascus and Kurdistan closer. At least 550 SAA soldiers deployed in full SDF territory: Ain Issa, al-Bab, Manbij and Kobani in a defensive key against the new Peace Spring operation

The possible Turkey’s new offensive in eastern Syria, along the lines of Operation Peace Spring, has resulted in a historic fact: an alliance between the Kurdish SDF and the Damascus army (SAA). The former allowed the latter to send reinforcements to their area to help repel a possible land invasion of Ankara. In fact, at least 550 SAA soldiers were deployed in Ain Issa, al-Bab, Manbij and Kobani, in full Kurdistan. Armored vehicles, tanks and heavy weapons including artillery pieces also arrived in the quadrant. This is the Syrian response to the recent dispatch of a maxi military convoy of the TAF to the region and to the fact that Ankara is amassing troops and vehicles on the border of Raqqa and Hasaka.

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