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Syria, the population of Daraa rebels against the Islamic State

The population of Daraa rebels against the Islamic State. A group in Tafas threatens to punish those who help pro-ISIS jihadists. In Al-Yadoudah the dignitaries demand that every foreigner be registered and in Jassim the inhabitants search the houses

The population of Daraa rebels against the Islamic State, taking the initiative. Some inhabitants of the Syrian province have formed an armed group, called “Revolutionary Forces and Events in South Syria”, which promises to defend civilians from pro-ISIS jihadists. Its birth and goals were announced with the distribution of leaflets in the streets and mosques of Tafas. Inside, in addition to information about the entity, there is a clear threat of “punishment” for anyone involved with IS militiamen, supporting them, hosting them or working for them. The “punishments”, however, are identical to those that the fundamentalists will suffer. The area is heating up, as there is the fear that it could become a safe heaven for terrorists. Not surprisingly, in recent days there had already been popular initiatives in this regard. In Al-Yadoudah, local dignitaries had demanded that every foreigner in the city be registered and checked by the authorities. In Jassim, gunmen had searched some homes in search of ISIS cells.

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