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Syria, the maxi-operation against the Islamic State in the East continues

The maxi-operation against the Islamic State in Eastern Syria continues. SDF and Inherent Resolve now move to Shahil. More than 270 pro-ISIS jihadists including several leaders captured in January. The operational capacity of the group is at risk

The maxi operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State in Eastern Syria continues. Joint forces from Tel Hamis, Tel Barak and Al-Hol (Al-Hawl) have now moved to Shahil (Deir Ezzor), along the Euphrates, where they arrested three pro-ISIS jihadists. No information was provided about their identities or the role they played within the group, but they are believed to be important figures given the deployment of assets to capture them. The maneuvers, which began in January and are still ongoing, have so far led to the arrest of over 270 militiamen throughout the quadrant. Among them are some key leaders for the survival of the formation, such as the emir who was in charge of managing the finances of IS in the Syrian region. Replacing him and the other captured terrorists for the Islamic State will be difficult and, in any case, take time. As a result, the group’s operational capability has drastically reduced.

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