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Syria, the leaders of the Islamic State hunted by SDF and Inherent Resolve

The leaders of the Islamic State in Syria hunted by SDF and Inherent Resolve. In a few days several high-level pro-Isis commanders caught or killed. The IS chain of command and the logistics infrastructure is collapsing

The SDF and Inherent Resolve continue the hunt for leaders and facilitators of the Islamic State in Eastern Syria. In the Deir Ezzor area, another pro-Isis jihadists dime piece has lost his life in the past few hours during an heliborne operation. A few days earlier, the Pro-Isis leader, Muhannad Al-Sari, had been killed in the same area during a raid joint. In addition, there had been the capture of “Batar” a commander is involved in planning attacks on local prisons and in the manufacture of explosives. Before them, Hamza Al-Homsi, a leading leader, and Ibrahim al-Qahtani, expert in prisons attacks had died. In fact, the Kurdish and international forces are systematically dismantling the group chain and the logistical infrastructure of the group in the dial, which cannot be easily replaced and in a short time. This will have strong repercussions on the operational capacity of the militiamen.

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