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Syria, the Kurds could hand over Ain Issa to Damascus

The Kurds could hand over Ain Issa to Damascus. The operation, managed by Russia, would stop Turkey’s expansion towards Kurdistan. The city, in fact, would be protected by the SAA and Moscow, which would maintain control of the M4

Russia could soon stop Turkey’s military expansion into Syria with a single operation. This, causing the Kurds to hand over Ain Issa to Damascus. In this way, Ankara could no longer attack the city or send forces to the area, under the agreement with Moscow. The option, in fact, is being considered by local actors and is becoming increasingly popular. The Kurds obviously don’t like it but they know that the SDF would not be able to defend the city center from a possible ground offensive by the TAF. In this way, however, they would save the whole quadrant from “Turkization” without bloodshed. Furthermore, Ain Issa would be protected by both the SAA and the Russian soldiers and therefore would be safe. Moscow, on the other hand, would maintain freedom of movement and control of the eastern section of the M4 as far as Iraq.

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