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Syria, the Islamic State tries to raise its head in Al-Hol


The Islamic State tries to raise its head in Al-Hol. There have been at least 35 murders in the Hasaka camp since April, the latest of which have just happened. The SDF raids against the former ISIS are not enough

The Islamic State raises its head in Al-Hol. In the past few hours, the bodies of two Iraqi women were found, killed by unknown persons in the Hasaka facility. It is believed to be the work of Islamic State sleeper cells, which eliminate those who disturb their operations. The SDF carried out various raids within the camp, dismantling the support networks and neutralizing the leaders of the groups. Furthermore, thousands of people, both Syrians and foreigners, have returned to their homes, reducing the pressure on the complex. Despite this, the ex-ISIS jihadists continue to dictate the law internally. It is above all the wives of the militiamen, the so-called ISIS Brides, who manage all the activities: from recruitment to the indoctrination of children, indicating to the “laborers” the “uncomfortable” targets to hit or sometimes acting themselves. In fact, since April there have been another 35 similar cases, most of which were killed by firearms.

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