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Syria, the Islamic State tries to raise its head against the SDF

The Islamic State tries to raise its head against the SDF in Eastern Syria. IS attacks from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, even with the old tecniques

The Islamic State in Eastern Syria, from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, is trying to raise its head against the SDF. A group of jihadists attacked Kurdish forces in Shahil. In addition, it ambushed a patrol transporting the wounded to the hospital. The shots, as stated by several witnesses, came from inside the structure. The technique is the same used by the terrorists during the sieges of Mosul and Raqqa: strike from inside critical places as hospitals and mosques, so that the enemy cannot react as it should. In the previous days, however, IS militiamen targeted Tabqa airport, killing two Kurdish soldiers with silenced guns, before being discovered and put to flight. In parallel, they also launched rockets at the SDF headquarters in Busayrah, causing only material damage to the building.

The terrorists must try to stop the Kurdish-Inherent Resolve offensive against its logistics network, which puts the group’s survival in the area at risk and could cause problems west of the Euphrates

The increase in attacks by the Islamic State against the SDF has a specific reason. The jihadists must react to the offensive by Kurdish forces and Inherent Resolve against their logistical and support network in eastern Syria, which is putting the group’s survival at risk. In fact, in the last period, enemy raids boosted and become more and more precise. Not only in Deir Ezzor, but also in Raqqa and Hasaka, on the border with Iraq. Consequently, IS militiamen must try in every way to block this trend. Moreover, they fear that they could have negative effects also to the west of the Euphrates, a quadrant where today the terrorists are still ahead of the Syrian army (SAA), despite this receiving help from Russia and the pro-Iran militias.

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