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Syria, the Islamic State tries in vain to attack the Al-Hawl camp

The Islamic State attempts an attack on the Al-Hawl camp in vain. Pro-ISIS jihadists want to raise their heads by taking advantage of the Turkish Claw-Sword operation in northern Kurdistan, but SDF and Inherent Resolve had foreseen it

The Islamic State still tried to attack the Al-Hol (Al-Hawl) camp in Hasaka. The SDF intercepted the pro-ISIS jihadist commando while he was aboard motorcycles in the area of ​​the village of Al-Khan, about 15 kilometers from the infrastructure, and put him on the run after a shootout. Just a few days ago some women, presumably ISIS Brides, had tried to escape from prison, but had been stopped. The militiamen are trying to take advantage of the Turkish Claw-Sword operation in northern Syrian Kurdistan to rear their heads and regroup, relying on the fact that Kurdish forces are busy setting up defense lines in case the announced TAF ground invasion unfolds. materialize. The SDF, however, unlike what happened in the past, have organized together with Inherent Resolve a solid mechanism to prevent possible attacks from behind by IS.

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