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Syria, the Islamic State tries in vain an assault on the Al-Hol camp

The Islamic State tries in vain an assault on the Al-Hol camp. SDF and Inherent Resolve intercept pro-ISIS jihadists before they attack. The operational capacity is getting smaller and smaller for IS

The Islamic State tried in vain to launch an assault on the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka. A group of pro-ISIS jihadists was intercepted and neutralized by the SDF and Inherent Resolve before it could arrive at the facility. The toll has been of some fundamentalists killed and others captured. IS in Syria is trying to react to the maxi joint Humanitarian and Security 2 operation in the field, as a result of which it lost its main logistics and recruiting network in the region. The militiamen therefore seek revenge and to regain ground and weight. On the one hand, they have launched campaigns of attacks on individuals and isolated units, as they are no longer able to hit more complex targets. On the other hand, they aim to hit effective targets, such as Al-Hol. Even in this case, however, their operational capacity has drastically reduced.

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