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Syria, the Islamic State seeks revenge against the SDF for the operation in Al-Hol

The Islamic State in Syria seeks revenge against the SDF for the operation in Al-Hol. Pro-ISIS jihadists kill nearly 30 people and injure 16, but are now only able to attack single individuals or isolated units

The Islamic State is trying to raise its head and take revenge in Eastern Syria for the maxi operation of the SDF and Inherent Resolve in the Al-Hol (Hasaka) camp, which has dealt a severe blow to the militiamen. Pro-ISIS jihadists launched a series of attacks across the quadrant, killing nearly 30 people and injuring 16 others. The joint maneuvers, called Humanity and Security, allowed for the dismantling of the entire IS recruitment and support network, both within the infrastructure and in the region of the Middle Eastern country, putting the group in great difficulty. The same new raids by the fundamentalists, however, confirm that the activities have been successful. On all occasions, in fact, the targets were single subjects or isolated units. This means that the Islamic State no longer has the ability to hit complex targets such as convoys or multiple assets.

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