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Syria, the Islamic State resumes attacks on SAA and militias in Badia

The Islamic State resumes attacking the SAA and the militias in Badia. Ambush of a pro-Iran group in al-Mateyah, east of Aleppo. IS, Ramadan finished, try to raise it’s head. Against the SDF, however, it is obliged to use only IEDs

The Islamic State jihadists have resumed ambushing Syrian soldiers (SAA) and allied militias in the Badia desert. A convoy of vehicles from a pro-Iranian group suffered a surprise attack in the al-Mateyah area, east of Aleppo. The raid caused eight deaths in the ranks of the guerrillas, including a commander. As expected, after Ramadan ended, IS resumed the offensive in the quadrant. The objective of the terrorists is twofold: on the one hand, to maintain freedom of movement up to Deir Ezzor; on the other hand, to continue to press the enemy to demonstrate it’s superiority. It is no coincidence that the former Isis has also increased attacks against the SDF west of the Euphrates. Here, however, there are no raids but only IEDs. The jihadists, in fact, would have no chance of success against the Arab-Kurdish forces.

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