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Syria, the Islamic State publishes a fake video on its success at Deir Ezzor

On the social media channels close to Isis appeared a video on an alleged attack “en masse” against an unknown enemy. The video however gives way to many concerns

The Islamic State in Syria publishes on web channels of propaganda a new video from the eastern area of Deir Ezzor. At a first look, however, it looks like a hoax, yet another fake news. On the social media a video on a mass offensive of Daesh started to circulate. But there is no sign of the enemy, the SDF of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) or the SAA. You can see jihadists killing only a few men, disarmed and on the run. Moreover, some militants shooting or throwing RPG grenades with explosions can be seen. But, apart from the smoke screens and the few (apparently) dead persons nothing else can is showed. There are no damaged or destroyed vehicles of the Syrian fighters. Not only. Looking more carefully at the frames, the rare times in which the target appears – an embankment in the desert showing a silhouette and a few subjects escaping – the Isis terrorists are visibly shooting in the air. Not at man height as should be expected.

In the Daesh video, there are a series of gigantic mistakes, which confirm the thesis of it being a fake attack only for propagandistic purposes

The video of the Islamic State in Syria is also full of errors. First of all the assault in the eastern area of Deir Ezzor can’t possibly be recent. During the week end in the specific area there had been heavy rain. The ground shown, instead, is dry. And also, concerning the enemy fighter killed while trying to escape, it was not hit by weapons. At most it was run over, but the vehicle from which it is filmed did not have a jolt. Another strange thing. In the whole video the Daesh booty never appears, while usually it is boasted at the end of each victorious action. Then, for a few instants it’s shown a person who seems suffering from dwarfism shooting with a machine gun. Isis however, in the past had systematically executed disabled persons. And finally, in the video none of the shots od SDF or SAA goes near the terrorists. Except for the one fired by one of jihadists while moving with the vehicle.

The Islamic State in order to attract youngsters uses alleged strategies of conquests, to fill the gap left by the lack of contents related to the concept of the Statute of the Caliphate

The video of the Islamic State is yet another attempt of propaganda to show the users an untrue reality. First of all there are scenes in First Person. As if it were a First Person Shooting (FPS) videogame, a very popular genre among boys and girls from all over the world. Moreover, an arsenal of different weapons used by Daesh, is filmed to stress the subject of the videogame as an attractive symbol. In fact, the most famous FPS allow the player to select an ample variety of weapons to be used to pursue their missions. Without counting that the images of the militants while they are coordinating are a clear reference to the CO-OP games online. It is obvious therefore that Isis is continuing to aim above all at youngsters, by using their models to convey their message. Pointing at alleged strategic conquests to fill the gaps in the contents related to the concept of the statute of the Caliphate.

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