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Syria, the Islamic State launches the “Vengeance” operation in the East

The Islamic State launches the “Vengeance” operation in the East Syria. Objective: not to leave unpunished the death of the former caliph, Al-Qurayshi, and the spokesman of the former ISIS. Since April 17 there have already been 16 attacks, mainly in Raqqa

The Islamic State in Eastern Syria launched Operation “Vengeance” in response to the death of Supreme Leader Abi Ibrahim Al-Hashemi Al-Qurayshi and the group’s spokesman, Al-Muhajir Abi Hamza Al-Qurayshi, which occurred at the beginning of February during a US raid in Atma, a city of Idlib on the border with Turkey. Since the announcement of the new campaign, which took place on April 17, pro-ISIS jihadists have already carried out 16 attacks mainly in the Raqqa area. The victims are partly SDF soldiers and partly members of local institutions. Probably, even if there is no official confirmation, the terrorists come from the Badia al-Sham desert to strike and then come back, as soon as the ambush is over. In fact, in the quadrant there is a large IS resistance pocket, which the Syrian army and its allies (the pro-Iranian militias and Russia) have never managed to dismantle despite periodic raids.

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