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Syria, the Islamic State is once again distributing leaflets but it is weak

The Islamic State in Syria is once again distributing leaflets but it is weak. Flyers found on road signs in Deir Ezzor, where pro-ISIS jihadists promise punishments to population who cooperate with the SAA and commit heresy

The Islamic State in eastern Syria returns to using leaflets to put pressure on the population. In recent days, flyers have appeared on some road signs in Deir Ezzor in which pro-ISIS jihadists threaten punishments for those who support the Damascus Army (SAA), commit witchcraft and heresy or are involved in prostitution. The sheets are similar to those that the militiamen circulated when they controlled part of the Middle Eastern country, but they have a substantial difference. Back then they were distributed by hand by the fundamentalists themselves. Today, however, they are found attached to billboards or road signs. This means that the jihadists are weak: they no longer have control of the territory and cannot even move freely. As a result, they are forced to resort to subterfuge in order to spread their propaganda and to try to leverage the local population.

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