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Syria, the Islamic State intensifies activities west of Deir Ezzor

The Islamic State intensifies its activities west of Deir Ezzor. Pro-ISIS jihadists ramp up attacks against SAA and pro-Iran militias in al-Masrib desert to extend their area of influence into the Syrian region

The Islamic State intensifies its activities in the al-Masrib desert west of Deir Ezzor. Cells of pro-ISIS jihadists attacked some Syrian army (SAA) posts in the area, killing several soldiers and wounding others. Following the escalation, Damascus is sending huge reinforcements to the area. Objective: to strengthen all the posts and start a new combing operation in search of terrorists. IS has also increased attacks against pro-Iran militias in the quadrant. The latest occurred against a military building in Palmyra and caused the death of a local member of the militia. The Islamic State is trying to take advantage of the growing conflict with Turkey in northern Syria to extend its area of influence in the region, consolidating control of the territory and eliminating possible threats. Not surprisingly, the escalation of attacks began to register after Ankara started military operations against Kurdistan.

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