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Syria, the Islamic State in Al-Hol targets humanitarian personnel


The Islamic State in Al-Hol targets humanitarian personnel. Former ISIS militiamen injure an International Red Cross doctor and kill a Red Crescent nurse from Hasaka. IS tries to raise its head

The Islamic State in the Al-Hol camp is now also targeting humanitarian personnel. An Ethiopian doctor of the International Red Cross was injured by a group of ex-ISIS militiamen, who attacked him with sharped weapons. It is not clear what the motivation for the gesture is, but it is not the only one. Just a day earlier, unknown persons had killed a Red Crescent nurse, a native of Hasaka. Following the evolution of events, the International Red Cross was forced to temporarily withdraw all its staff from the facility, penalizing the more than 16,000 families housed in the camp in the Syrian province. The murders inside, in fact, despite the periodic operations of the SDF, continue. Furthermore, from what is happening, it appears that IS cells are trying to raise their heads by aiming at increasingly larger targets.

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