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Syria, the Islamic State declares war on “geniuses” in Deir Ezzor

The Islamic State launches the war on the “geniuses” in Deir Ezzor. Jinns are figures, mentioned in the Koran, related to each of us. According to the jihadists, the “bad ones” are behind the SDF-Inherent Resolve raids against IS

The jihadists of the Islamic State in eastern Syria have launched a particular campaign: that against sorcery. It is very serious and characterized by a recent boom in murders in Deir Ezzor of people accused of practicing it. Everything stems from the Muslim belief linked to “geniuses”, the jinns, also mentioned in the Koran. There are three types: good, neutral and bad. Everyone has one, although they can only be visible on special occasions, when they decide to transform into human beings. It seems that they live in bathrooms and were born from fire. According to local sources, the victims of this “supernatural” murder campaign were allegedly used by their jinn (villains) to harm the group and its members. It is not clear exactly how, but it is likely that there is a link with the increased pressure on IS by the SDF and Inherent Resolve across the quadrant. This, consequently, would be attributed to malicious activities.

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