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Syria, the Islamic State attacks the SDF at Bahrah in vain

Syria, The Islamic State Attacks The SDF At Bahrah In Vain

Isis tries to stab the SDF in the back at Deir Ezzor, but is immediately blocked

The Islamic State at Deir Ezzor, at dawn, made an attempt to attack the SDF from behind in the area of Bahrah. The Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) troops, however, warded off the Daesh militants, blocking the maneuver mainly in the area of Jaabi. Meanwhile they are still attacking the jihadists in the area of Hajin from north and west, and also pressing from the south in order to trap Isis in the city. As a matter of fact they conquered Saliyah after a battle of a few hours. In parallel, the US-led Coalition has made new air raids on the quadrant, both on Hajin and on Sha’fah, thus eliminating numerous terrorists. There are rumors on an alleged strike of Inherent Resolve against the Syrian army (SAA) in The governate, which would have caused many deaths, but at present these have not been confirmed officially. In the contrary, the Coalition has denied them declaring them absolutely fake.

East Ghouta: at the start the truce of 5 hours a day in eastern Ghouta. Meanwhile Damascus continues to attack HTS and FSA

Meanwhile, at eastern Ghouta the Syrian army is continuing to bombard the areas controlled by Hayat Tahrir aò-Sham (HTS) and by the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The latter has informed that it is prepared to leave the enclave, but only under the supervision of the United Nations. In the area a brief truce of 5 hours a day was established in order to allow the injured to be treated and the evacuation of civilians from the areas of confrontation. It seems, though, that the truce was not respected by everyone. To the extent that Russia has reported violations of groups of rebels, which accord to them would have attacked the humanitarian corridors. The local groups, instead denied the incident. The offensive of Damascus continues mainly from the western and southern sides: Harasta e al Ghouta. Here the troops – supported by the air raids – are trying to move towards the centre of the area in order to divide it in two and isolate the groups of rebels.

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